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About us

We are commercial shipbrokers and have proven our successful activity by numerous sales for over decade. We have previously sold various units like for instance oil tanker for storage, smaller tankers for trading as well as for bunkering, ice classed roro vessel for trading, accommodation barge and various other units. We can assist and guide with all related issues in connection with sale or purchase of a commercial vessel. We are able to recommend a company that will do Technical Management or Operation Management.

Also, we can recommend well known and reputable surveying company to inspect the vessel and provide an inspection report before purchase. All data and reports are delivered promptly at a highly competitive market cost. You will receive an unrivalled quality global condition inspection service; delivering clear and interpretable results in almost every port in the world. These reports are vital in realizing the true value of your asset.
If you do not have inhouse technical know-how you need to liaise with an external Technical Manager and with the inspector and if it is decided to purchase the ship upon recommendation of the inspector and this Technical Manager - you can ask the T.M. to operate the ship (crew, bunkers, provisions, paying port costs and other expenses). T.M. will give you a daily opex (operating expense) of estimated costs.
We will negotiate all of the details of deal usually based on a standard contract. We will not only negotiate the price of the vessel on behalf of their principals but also all the logistical details for the transfer of the title and the vessel itself to the buyers (new owners), including the banking arrangements.
Our role involves dealing with both the seller and the buyer to ensure that both are awarded a fair price for their part of the transaction and then acting in the negotiation. Once a price and the various terms have been agreed upon, we will draw up the contract and all other legal matters relating to the vessel sale and purchase.