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Lease of vessel. Sample.

Lease program (sample)

Target vsl: dwt 23800t bulk carrier & dwt 35000t bulk carrier.


Lease interest: to be confirmed, usd basic interest LIBOR+?

Lease management fee: to be confirmed.

Lease year: 5-8 example lease-type payback

Lease-payback type: same amount of fee monthly payment.

Downpayment: 30%.

Vessel prices: DWT 23800t bulk carrier 19.2m USD / DWT 35000t bulk carrier 27.5m USD

Project deal sample form as following:

1. Buyer confirm the target vessel, do the down payment to the seller.

2. Buyer will sign lease option contract with lease company oversea company.

3. Lease company will do the rest payment to the seller of the vessel.

4. Seller register the vessel to the lease company.

5. After finishing the document between lease company and the buyer the lease company will delivery the vessel to the buyer.

6. Buyer will pay the lease company monthly according to the lease contract, after finishing the payment the lease company will give out the ownership and the management to the buyer. Note: during the lease period, the lease company will not get involve in any of the business with the buyer for the vessel, the buyer has the right of use the vessel. But the lease company has the management and ownership of the vessel. Any fee during the vessel service will be borned to the buyer, including fuel, sailors salary, ship maintelance, ship insurance.
Leasee (buyer) needs to provide the copy of the following documents:

1. Qualificaton documents

Valid company management license.

Valid Organization code license.

Tax registration licence.

Waterway transportation permition license.

Company constitution.

2. Ship documents::

3. Finance documents

a) Leasee(buyer) financial report during the last 3 years.

b) End of last year or current month funds instruction (including: actual income funds, other income, prepay funds, others).

c) Last 3 months bank on the bills (including basic and general).

d) Short term loan, long term loan , bank loan contract, credit card information.

e) Fixed assets, under-construction projects instructions (including guarantee mortgage).

f) Litigation etc big issue instructions.

4. General documents

Leasee (buyer) company introduction.

Project feasibility analysis.

Charter contract or long term cargo agreement.

Second hand ship

New ship

Ship nationality registration certificate

Building contract

Ship ownership registration certificate

Class survey report documents

Class certificate

Ship specifications

Ship specifications


Original ship purchase or building contract, invoice, payment certificate (if have)


Ship insurance