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Ships for sale

We can develop for sale various commercial tonnage. For transportation of liquid cargoes we ca develop for sale crude oil tankers, product, chemical, bunkering, asphalt tankers, tankers for storage, oil barges. There are other types of tankers that we can offer for sale: potable water tankers, edible oil tankers, tankers for carriage of molasses.

For transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas we can develop for sale LPG carriers of following types: fully pressurized, semi-pressurized, fully refrigerated as well as ethylene gas carriers. For transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas we can offer for sale LNG carriers

For dry cargo we can find different types of vessels: general cargo, multi purpose, dry bulk, container vessels, reefer ships, heavy lift carriers, livestock carriers, car carriers, geared ships, low drafted ice classed cargo carriers sea river, RoRo vessels, different types of barges.

For towing operation we can develop for sale following tugboats: sea going tugs, river tugs, harbor tug, emergency tug, escort tug, azimuth stern drive (ASD) tug, tractor tug, tugs with twin screw super ice class, high bollard pull capacity, harbor tugboats with firefighting equipment.

For offshore operations we can offer following types of offshore vessels: offshore supply vessels for sale: accommodation work barge, multi purpose utility supply, platform supply vessels, anchor handling tug supply, DP2 AHTS, safety standby vessels, diving support vessel, crane vessel, pipe laying vessel, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO), seismic vessel, scientific and research vessel, well intervention vessel, drill ship, Jack Up rigs, Semi-submersible Vessels, offshore lack up barges, floating platforms.

For passenger transportation we can offer following ships: ocean liners, cruise ships, day sightseeing ships, vessels for expedition, ropax ferry, super yacht, sailing yachts, cruising yachts, cruising yachts.

For catching fish we can develop for sale following types vessels: wet fish trawler, beam trawler, shrimp trawler, stern trawlers, freezer trawlers, tuna purse seiners, large purse seiners, freezer longliners, fish processing factory longliners, wet fish longliners as well as small fishing boats